MAHRP was registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs on 28 January 2018 and held it’s official inauguration ceremony on 24 February 2018.  MAHRP’s Official NGO registration number is CRCR/04/2018. MAHRP is a Non-Profit Organization which will drive activities and initiatives to add value to the Human Resources Professional Network across the country. MAHRP is committed to make the association an all-inclusive HR Professionals Association in which everyone will have a chance to add value and work together to build the much needed human capital excellence within the Maldives.

The Maldives Association of Human Resources Professionals (MAHRP) is Maldives’s first professional association registered at Ministry of Home Affairs, devoted to human resources and people development. Our mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most current and comprehensive resources, and to advance the profession by promoting HR’s essential, setting professional standards and providing the know-how. We are committed to link and connect HR professionals and practitioners locally and oversees through our signature events and membership activities.


To be the leading human resource Professional  body   in   the Maldives, championing human capital excellence.


MAHRP is committed to advocating HR best practices, connecting HR community and developing the HR Profession in the Maldives.

Values of MAHRP

  • Professional
  • Advocacy
  • Connection
  • Development
  • Excellence