MAHRP Launches Speakers Club

Maldives Association of HR Professionals (MAHRP) has launched its Speakers Club, a first-of-its-kind initiative in Maldives.

The club was launched at a special function held at Maldives National University’s auditorium Sunday evening. It was attended by over 85 HR professionals and various business leaders from all aspects of operations.

During the inaugural function, MAHRP hosted two keynote speeches by international experts. Shia Nacino, Founder of HR Summit Global and international speaker, shared tips on overcoming stage fright, whilst Kenneth Kwan, a leadership speaker and high performance strategist, spoke on improving public speaking skills.

With the launch of this club, MAHRP aims to help, support and facilitate in developing great speakers throughout Maldives. This platform will provide opportunities for HR professionals and others interested in developing their speaking and public presentation skills.

The ultimate goal of MAHRP is to provide speakers a platform to perform at local and international events, beginning from local ones and gradually reaching international stages. Participants will gain the confidence required to develop public communication skills for a panel discussion, to participate as a moderator, facilitator or even as an MC.

Monthly sessions will be held under the new initiative, focusing on structured workshops, brand development as speakers, enhancing social media connection as speakers and many more.

MAHRP will be partnering with TEDx to ensure the quality and consistency of its speaking events and teaching practices.

“Building professional and better speaking networks is one need of our members, hence one reason why we launched the Speakers Club. We intend to bring Toastmasters International and TEDX talk to Maldives under MAHRP Speakers CLUB,” MAHRP President Hussain Afeef, who also serves as the Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance at LUX* Resorts, said.

MAHRP will also host the Maldives’ first Speakers Convention on August 8, 2020 in which world-class speaking professionals’ associations will participate. Potential participants include officials from Asia Professional Speakers Association (Singapore), India Professional Speakers Association (India), Ted Talks, and Toastmasters. This event will feature the best of the best in the world of speaking and at least two world champions in public speaking.

MAHRP is the first professional association registered in the Maldives, dedicated to human resources and people development. The association’s mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most current and comprehensive resources, and to advance the profession by promoting HR’s essential values, setting professional standards and providing the know-how. It is committed to linking and connecting HR professionals and practitioners locally and oversees through signature events and membership activities.

As part of its aim to develop human resources, MAHRP regularly hosts knowledge share events. The association also organised an exclusive training event in Maldives with world’s leading customer experience consultant Ron Kaufman, the first ever National HR Convention and Expo, and the first ever learning and development conference in Maldives.

MAHRP’s main focus for 2019 is identifying key challenges in human capital development and work towards adding value to every aspect of HR throughout the country. This includes a series of activities, including HR knowledge share, best practice share, HR organisational level quizzes, HR convention and debate sessions, as well as inspirational talks with world-class speakers.

MAHRP’s Speakers Club is open to its members as well as students and everyone interested in public speaking and improving their communication skills. Those who are interested can sign up using the form below: https://form.jotform.me/90695404416459

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