MAHRP took part in 38th NATCON 2019, India

A delegate from MAHRP took part in 38th NATCON 2019 by National Institute of Personal Management India (NIPM) National HR Conference on “India’s Changing Paradigm: Skills and Entrepreneurship for Global Competitiveness”. The conference was held from 26th to 28th September 2019 at B.R.P International Convention Centre in Bangalur, India. The Convention was officially inaugurated by the Vice President of India.   It is the largest national level HR gathering held every year in India organized by NIPM. MAHRP is also delighted highlight that Vice President joined panel discussion of Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) during the event.

This year’s theme was decided targeting youth as India is the youngest nations in the world with nearly 54 percent of the total population falling below 25 years of age. 250 million young people will join the workforce over the next decade, bringing with them new skills, a desire to thrive and new challenges. The wave of technologies and digitization has transformed industry sectors and the skills set needed for the future workforce is being disrupted. To enhance this journey of human development through focused skilling efforts and talent nurturing, many innovative approaches have been adopted currently by several stakeholders in the larger talent and skilling eco-system. Also, it is essential to acknowledge the innovation and breakthrough processes that are needed for achieving and sustaining high standards of quality in skilling on the one side; and the scale of growth that is demanded by the developmental needs of the country on the other side.

The World Economic Forum estimates 35 percent of core skills will change causing more than million people to seek different employments. HR plays a significant role in this transition. Therefore, the focus of this conference is to ignite the mindsets of HR, help them discover the disruptive new ways of thinking, create an ecosystem that is amenable to this impending change and provide them with insights that help them to prepare for the future.

Sub-Themes Include:

  • A Framework for India’s Agenda – Building the Skilling Eco System
  • Skilling at Scale – Making an impact
  • Inspiration for Learning : Showcasing Best Practices
  • Learning from Global Best Practices
  • Entrepreneurship Ecosystem:  Building the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Skilling Entrepreneurship and Job Creation
  • Entrepreneurship : Inside-Outside Ecosystem – How HR can drive change
  • NexGen Leaders & Entrepreneurs: Job Market Challenges and Opportunities