Message from MAHRP

Dear All MAHRP Members and HR Professionals within our network!

Greetings from MAHRP EXCO!

We hope everyone is doing well and in good spirit. At this moment of time what we are going through is something that many of us have not experienced or seen in recent history. The last time the world has seen a pandemic was in 1918. COVID-19 is bringing new challenges which will last for months and in some cases for years.

As HR professionals, it is absolutely important to stay strong and lead the teams that we manage. This won’t be an easy task. To get through this pandemic from all aspects we need a different level of thinking and mindset. In this special message to all MAHRP Members we would like to share few tips on what that mindset is all about:

1. Be Energetic; Your colleagues are looking at you for answers and you are their hope. Therefore come to work with energy and enthusiasm. We will get through this.
2. Be Transparent; Keep your team informed about various measures you will be taking from financial stress and business continuity plan, Make sure your team gets it from you or your team directly before they hear it from a newspaper or an internal memo shared by someone else.
3. Encourage and Remind: Encourage your teams to stay alert and be aware of the information shared by the local authorities and national level preventive measures. Reminder your Team to follow those instructions diligently.
4. Be Available: Your team may ask the same question from you over and over again. Or different colleagues may ask the same question. During this time your team needs you more than ever. Be available for them at all times and be compassionate in your response.
5. Be The HOPE: There is a lot of uncertainty around the spread of COVID-19 and its direct impact on all types of businesses. HR Professionals can lead by being the hope for everyone and encouraging them to stay on course. There is no doubt times ahead will be tough. However, if we persevere we will get through this.

MAHRP EXCO and Team wishes you well, stay strong, lead and be the hope of everyone in your team and organisation.

We will get through this and come out even stronger.

Sincerely always
President – MAHRP

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