HR Perspective Conversations by MAHRP, Solah Mohamed, General Manager, Komandoo Island Resort

HR Perspective Events by MAHRP is a series of conversation hosted in partnership various Industry Leaders and Professionals.

Our objective through these sessions is to cover key aspects of human capital spectrums, generate conversations that inspire youths to take on various responsibility and overall help them to lead a better future through various learning sessions.

Second Segment Speaker is Mohamed – General Manager, Komandoo Island Resort. He shared below Tips:

  • You have to start somewhere to get going; For school leavers, do not wait, do something, whether its an apprenticeship program or online learning
  • You need to develop a mindset with the right attitude regardless of the circumstances.
  • Every new position will require a new version of you; You must be ready so get those opportunities; When the opportunities arise, you do not have the time to prepare. Now is the time!.
  • Do not give up! things will come and it will bring you down; however, take your time and take the lead.
  • Don’t be the victim of the challenges that life brings to you; Rather stand up for it!

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