HR Perspective Conversations by MAHRP Segment 03, Fathimath Shazleen, Resort Manager, Soneva Jani.

MAHRP Team had the pleasure to speak with Shaaz – Resort Manager of Soneva Jani Fathimath Shaazleen as our guest speaker for the HR Perspective Share by MAHRP – Segment 03; She highlighted key points as:
– Hard work, determination and working for what she wanted are some factors that contributed to her role and where she is today.
– She believed coaching and mentoring is a key area we all need to enforce and make it as a part of your growth journey
– – Find what works for you and then work around it.
When you finish school, do not just stay at home, do something and take chances
– The more changes and opportunities you take on, the more growth will come your way
– Invest in your own growth, don’t wait or count on others to take responsibility for you, you have to do it and your growth is all about what you do intentionally.

Thank you, Shaaz, for your support to MAHRP Programs and sharing your story.

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