HR Perspective Conversation by MAHRP SEGMENT 04, Hon Faisal Naseem. Vice President of the Maldives.

MAHRP had the pleasure of hosting Vice President Faisal Naseem, for MAHRP’s HR Perspective Share Conversation. This was a special segment.
During this segment VP, Faisal presented his views and key guidance point;
– We must work together, all stakeholders, NGOs and interest groups to ensure the localisation emphasis is strategies and move it forward with the intention to take action and guide everyone accordingly.
– Concentration, Focus, Working together, see the role of others and their work is valuable are some key elements to set and live with success.
– Make a habit to sleep early and wake up early; in general, be a 5am Club Member. This will ensure a healthy and successful lifestyle.
– Study and keep learning always, with every new position, a new mindset is required, so we must invest in ourselves.
– Don’t wait to lead, take the opportunities and be the first to show to serve.


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