National HR Day, 22nd February

MAHRP has initiated to mark the 22nd February of each year, as the day dedicated to Human Resources professionals in Maldives, to recognize their contributions, raise awareness of the importance of investing in human resources, provide a platform for professional development, and improve the image of the HR profession. This initiative will help to promote the critical role of HR professionals in achieving organizational success and creating a better workplace for all. This is the first time, the Maldives is marking a day dedicated to people who manage human capital.

Human Resources (HR) professionals are the backbone of any organization. They play a critical role in managing an organization’s most important asset – its people. To recognize the significant contributions of HR professionals, it is essential to set aside a day dedicated to honouring their hard work and dedication.

Marking a day for HR professionals is important to acknowledge their vital role in an organization’s success. HR professionals are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees, developing and implementing HR policies, managing employee benefits, and ensuring compliance with labour laws. They provide support to employees, listen to their concerns and ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

In addition to recognizing the contributions of HR professionals, marking a day for them can help raise awareness of the importance of investing in human resources. Human capital is a critical component of any business’s success, and investing in employees can result in significant returns in terms of increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and improved customer service. By acknowledging the contributions of HR professionals, businesses can help promote the importance of investing in their workforce.

Moreover, marking a day for HR professionals can help provide a platform for networking and professional development. HR professionals can come together to share best practices, discuss challenges, and learn from each other. This can help them develop new skills and ideas that can be used to improve their organization’s HR policies and practices.

Marking a day for HR professionals can help improve the image of the HR profession. By highlighting the importance of HR professionals and the contributions they make, it can help attract new talent to the field and encourage more people to consider a career in HR.

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HR Leaders’ Exchange Session

First HR Leadership Exchange Event. An event that brought key HR leaders together and we shared best practices, challenges, global and domestic trends and how we can work together to address as we owe sharpening the saw in our efforts to drive human capital excellence. HR leaders from Major industries participated in this session.

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MAHRP to host 3rd HR Convention and EXPO on March 4-5

Maldives Association of HR Professionals (MAHRP) is set to host its third HR Convention and EXPO on March 4 and 5.

The event is the largest gathering of HR professionals, people leaders, thought leaders, thinkers and emerging people leaders and colleagues from various organisations. 

This year’s convention is themed, ‘Creating Value and Leading Organisations’, which is aimed at guiding HR professionals, leaders, business owners, and stakeholders to understand the role of HR and how HR teams can lead organisations and add value along the way. Convention speakers will be speaking on various tracks such as leadership development for HR professionals, bringing a healthy organisation and keeping wellness and well-being at best, transformation and the role of HR professionals, data analytics and emerging HR trends and HR as a value creation partner. 

National HR Convention and EXPO will bring together at least 350 participants, and the event will be held at the Maldives National University Main Auditorium. This year’s convention will feature celebrated TedX speakers, Forbes-recognised entrepreneurs, people professional experts, human resource leaders from various industries, and regional experts on recent HR trends and emerging people development areas.

Commenting on the convention, MAHRP President Ahmed Ibrahim said: “We are thrilled to bring the largest people professionals development initiative for the third time, and we believe this will help business leaders, owners and HR professionals to rethink how we see HR and how we can add more value to organisations.”

Afeef Hussain, Convention Chair and MAHRP VP of Growth and Membership Affairs, added that the 2023 conference would see world-class speakers from various parts of the world, including Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, the UK, and the USA.

MAHRP hosted its first HR convention in 2019 and a successful second convention in 2022. Both conventions saw an outstanding speaker line, participation and recognition from the participants and various organisations of the need for international level events to uplift the morel and thinking in the world ahead to build the human capital development across the Maldives.

MAHRP was formed in February 2018 to champion human capital development globally, bringing various partners and collaborators a holistic approach to how we see human resources and their development. MAHRP has been hosting several events under its HR Best practice Share bringing local and international expertise. Under its various segments, MAHRP has partnered with several international and local parties to bring good practices of HR Knowledge and Events such as hosting global thought leaders like Ron Kaufman and Robin Banks and well-known international speakers. MAHRP also works closely with regional and international partners such as APFRHM – Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resources Management which MAHRP is a member, and Villa College as its research and standard, competency development partner. These collaborations help MAHRP to challenge its status within the Maldives community and bring refreshing ideas in its efforts to bring growth to the HR development sector.

This February 22nd, MAHRP will be celebrating its 5th anniversary.

Registration is open for the National HR Convention and EXPO, and the individual registration fee starts from MVR 3,500 and group registration of more than five participants is MVR 3,250 per seat, and more than 10 participants per organisation per seat is MVR 3,000. The last date for the HR Convention registration is February 2. Interested parties can register via this form.

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MAHRP hosts seminar with Ron Kaufman

Maldives Association of Human Resource Professionals (MAHRP) on Saturday hosted a special seminar with New York Times bestselling author and customer service educator Ron Kaufman.

Held at Maldives National University’s (MNU) auditorium, the seminar’s topic was “Building a culture of leaders who care”.

Speaking with Sun about it, President of MAHRP Hussain Afeef said that about 250 people participated in today’s event.

“The event taught how caring and compassion can be practised in the work environment, in our communities, and everywhere else that we live in.”

He also highlighted that this seminar is an event held annually by MAHRP on various topics.

“Every year we have one event with an international thought leader. God willing, next year also we will plan on bringing a world-class thought leader and hosting an event.”

Ron Kaufman is one of the world’s leading educators on uplifting services and building service cultures. He works with leaders, teams and organisations to educate on serving better, care more and generate new value in the world.

Along with his NYT bestseller “Uplifting Service! The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet” he has published 14 other books on service, business, and inspiration. (Ref Sun online)

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Learn about Transformation and Culture- Future of Human Capital with MAHRP

MAHRP EXCO and Team is delighted to announce the opening of registration for its upcoming second National HR Convention and EXPO 2022. Confirmed to be held at the Maldives National University, Main Auditorium from Saturday 21 May to Sunday 22 May, this event will see International and Local Keynote and Expert Speakers who will be bringing the latest best practices in the global HR practices and how it can be adapted at a National Level.

This year’s Convention theme is confirmed as Transformation and Culture- Future of Human Capital. Participants will be able to understand best practices, observations, learning from International Speakers from Singapore, Trinidad, and Tobago, the United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, and our own Maldivian Expert and Keynote speakers as they present topics from Leadership and Growth, Wellness and Learning Culture, Tech and Transformation, Creating Organizational learning agility and most importantly the attention we need to give to our personal growth.

Commenting on the excitement developing around this event, MAHRP President, Hussain Afeef said “We have to move this Convention arrangement three times in the last 18 months due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, initially we planned to have it in March 2020, Our Team is thrilled to bring this event back. I have no doubt that we will receive the support from all organizations across the nation to make this a successful event”,


In addition to the learning opportunities from World Class Speakers, The National HR Convention will also showcase various HR solution providers and their services in parallel sessions during the HR Convention. This event will witness the attendance of over 10 International Speakers, 20 Local Experts as Speakers, and Panelists. MAHRP anticipates an attendance of closer to 400 HR Professionals, People Leaders

While the individual registration fee for Non-MAHRP Members can cost up to USD 189.00 or MVR 2914.00, the registration Fee for MAHRP Members is USD 149.00 or MVR 2299, which is significantly lower. Both can be done right here.

And if you wish to get the discounted price plus all the benefits that come with being a member for the low low price of MVR 750 a year, you can join the organization now!

Registration Fee includes a registration pack, a free book from one of the speakers of the event or an author of our choice, meals (Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, coffee tea during the event), Event Photo, and recording access from all speakers. This is a program endorsed by MAHRP and our partners which carries 8hrs of learning credits for your professional development. A certificate will be issued at the event of the event.

MAHRP is the first professional association registered in the Maldives, dedicated to human resources and people development. The association’s mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most current and comprehensive resources and to advance the profession by promoting HR’s essential values, setting professional standards, and providing the know-how. It is committed to linking and connecting HR professionals and practitioners locally and overseas through signature events and membership activities.

As a part of its aim to develop human resources within the Nation, MAHRP regularly hosts Knowledge and Best Practice Share sessions, exclusive training events in the Maldives with World’s Leading Thought Leaders Such as Ron Kaufman, Robin Banks, and in 2020 MAHRP hosted the first-ever National HR Convention and EXPO and first-ever Learning and Development Conference in the Maldives. MAHRP will also continue its research partnership with Villa College and hospitality sector awareness program with the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI).

Registration is now open for the HR Convention and MAHRP requests all HR Professionals and People Leaders to register by 10 May 2022.

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MAHRP elects new executive committee for 2020 to 2022.

Maldives Association of HR Professionals (MAHRP) has hosted its annual general meeting and elected the organisation’s new executive committee.

The annual general meeting was held virtually on Wednesday. Over 70 registered members of MAHRP the took part in the event, which was live streamed via the organisation’s Facebook page.

During the event, MAHRP President Afeef Hussain presented a summary of the organisation’s annual report, covering key milestones from the past year. Some of the achievements highlighted include:

  • Maldives’ first National HR Convention and Expo
  • Learning and Development Conference
  • Virtual Learning and Development Conference
  • Professional Speakers Club
  • Hosting events with world-renowned thought leaders like Ron Kaufman and Robin Banks
  • Linking up the Maldives HR community with regional and global HR platforms like Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (CIPM) and Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM).

Under MAHRP’s charter, a new executive committee was elected. The newly elected executive committee members, who will serve for two years, are:

  1. Afeef Hussain – President
  2. Ahmed Ibrahim – Vice President
  3. Hawwa Shaheena – Vice President
  4. Ali Adam – Executive Secretary
  5. Fathimath Habeeba – Secretary
  6. Ibrahim Nishan – Treasurer
  7. Aishath Hussain Mohamed – Executive Committee Member
  8. Aminath Sudha – Executive Committee Member
  9. Hussain Shifau – Executive Committee Member
  10. Zakariyya Easa – Executive Committee Member
  11. Aminath Adhaala Rasheed – Executive Committee Member

“The last two years have been amazing in terms of leading, challenging our own status quo and driving human capital excellence throughout the nation,” MAHRP President Afeef, who also serves as the Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance at LUX* Resorts, said.

“Our new term will cover aspects such as developing and growing more leaders, as well as focus on youth engagement and leadership programmes, coaching and mentoring and building a bridge to work together with other professional NGOs in the area of human capital development.”

MAHRP is the first professional association registered in the Maldives, dedicated to human resources and people development.

The association’s mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most current and comprehensive resources, and to advance the profession by promoting HR’s essential values, setting professional standards and providing the know-how. It is committed to linking and connecting HR professionals and practitioners locally and oversees through signature events and membership activities.

As part of its aim to develop human resources, MAHRP regularly hosts knowledge share events.

The association has also organised exclusive training events in Maldives with world’s leading customer experience consultant Ron Kaufman and world-renowned motivational speaker Robin Banks, the first ever National HR Convention and Expo, and the first ever learning and development conference in Maldives.

MAHRP recently partnered with Southern Community Empowerment Association of Maldives (SCEAM) to host a leadership and growth summit in the southernmost Addu city in November.

Some upcoming events of MAHRP include a Virtual Speakers Convention and National HR Convention. MAHRP will also launch its own podcast and Book Reading Club soon.

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HR Perspective Share Conversations by MAHRP: Guest Speaker: Mohamed Afeef – Director of Operations

HR Perspective Share Conversations by MAHRP – Segment 05

Guest Speaker: Mohamed Afeef – Director of Operations – Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort
Certified Coach of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching

Key takeaways
– Best advice received from his mother; wake up early, shine and do what you love.
– He credits his success to; Dedication, commitment, always wanting to learn and connect with other people, curiosity around what can I learn from others especially things I do not know.
– Advice to school leavers; Start somewhere, do not wait until you get the job you desire, start and keep moving, just in no-time you will land in your dream role.
– Learning never stops; every day learns and contributes to the growth of your community and nation.

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MAHRP successfully concludes Maldives first virtual learning and development conference

Maldives Association of Human Resource Professionals (MAHRP) has successfully concluded the first ever virtual learning and development conference in Maldives.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and related challenges, MAHRP could not host the event as planned. The event was shifted to a virtual platform.

Hosted on July 11 and 12, the virtual learning and development conference was themed as, “Creating a Value-Driven Learning Culture”. It was attended by over 380 participants, and featured speakers from the Maldives, India, Trinidad and Tobago and Singapore.

Ron Kaufman was the keynote speaker and chief guest of the conference. He brought in so much value by explaining the opportunities ahead to elevate personal and professional life and drive it through a transformation.

Eddie Lee touched upon the topic of coaching and how organisational leaders can bring a cultural change through in-house coaches. He also highlighted the role coaches can play in creating a value-driven learning culture.

Ahmed Ibrahim delivered a keynote on the topic of agility and transformation, and the mindset organisational leaders need. He shared examples from the days of the Industrial Revolution to the current concepts of human capital development.

Aminath Irasha presented a case study on how Islanders Education Group brought a revolution in digital learning through their schools and learning institutions. She was joined by Mauroofa from Billabong High International School, and together they shared the knowledge and transformative experienced gained during the school closures in the wake of the pandemic.

Iyaz Waheed brought with him his favourite topic: growth mindset and how organisations can drive growth mindset. His belief on instilling growth mindset through schools and education institutions was well shared.

Mohamed Ashraf brought an excellent case study on how the nation’s leading bank, Bank of Maldives, created a learning culture, challenged the status quo, and brought a complete transformation to their organisational performance through a continuous learning process.

Aminath Adhala highlighted the importance of living a life driven by values. She gave a significant closing remark; that we should be asking every day, “How do we want others to remember us when we are gone?”

Ahmed Nasir shared a thought-provoking concept and approach. He invited all training providers and organisations to join TVET in transforming learning into practical certifications and skill-based experiences through apprenticeship programmes or set of work experience initiatives.

Mavis Mazhura joined the conference from South Africa, sharing her insights on building emotional resilience and critical elements that will help us to transform our lives.

Hawwa Leesha, Hawwa Shaheena and Dr Safeeya Mohammed conducted an important panel discussion on wellness, wellbeing, happiness and creating a culture of gratitude within an organisation. They shared relevant global and local best practices.

Kiruba Shanker shared his wisdom on building a professional brand image as speakers, learning and development professionals. He showed with practical examples the opportunities we have through social media platforms and how we can use them to our advantage.

Zakariya ‘Zaki’ Easa presented a world-class case study on how Crown & Champa Resorts handled the challenges stemming from the Covid-19 crisis and used learning and development functions to drive the strategy to keep their teams engaged.

Sara Ballinger shared a practical approach to identify, develop and grow talents within our community.

Ibrahim Inaz touched upon the culture of learning and the role of operational managers.

Hassan Shamman, a champion of good HR practices, shared his insights on how we can transform the traditional recruitment process to a value-driven one by challenging the status quo.

Ahmed Saeid presented a thoughtful approach to how cognitive apprenticeship can change organisational learning cultures.

Imelda Sutisna delivered an incredible closing speech on how mentoring can play a crucial role in growing and developing talents within any organisation.

“I should share a moment of gratitude to MAHRP exco and advisory team. Their guidance made this conference a success. Ali Adam, your thoughtful approach in creating our virtual studio, added so much value to our event,” MAHRP President Hussain Afeef, who also serves as the Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance at LUX* Resorts, said.

“I share this moment of gratitude to all speakers as a reminder that we must celebrate and always be grateful for every success and learning.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit our routine, MAHRP has conducted several virtual learning experiences covering topics ranging from HR challenges in force majeure, emotional intelligence, workplace wellness and mental wellbeing, post-pandemic HR leadership requirements, and techniques to follow and engage teams when working from home.

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