Special massage from the President of MAHRP: Moment of Gratitude to All Speakers of MAHRP Virtual L&D Conference 2020

MAHRP – Maldives Association of HR Professionals had the privilege to host the Maldives First Virtual Learning and Development Conference. MAHRP was created with a vision of championing human capital excellence within the Maldives. Due to COVID19 and related challenges, we could not host the event as planned, hence moved as a Virtual Event. Attended by over 380 participants event took place from 11 – 12 July 2020. As the President of the Association, I wanted to take a moment and write a line of tribute to each speaker. This conference would not have been a success without these beautiful speakers and expert presenters and their added value throughout the program.

Ron Kaufman, was our keynote speaker and Chief Guest for the conference. He brought in so much value by explaining us the opportunities ahead to elevate our personal and professional life and drive it through a transformation. Ron, as always you did above and beyond. We are forever grateful for your contribution to our community.

Eddie Lee, brought a topic of coaching and how organisational leaders can bring a cultural change through coaches within an organisation and the role coaches can play in creating a value-driven learning culture. Eddie, you were a fantastic keynote speaker.

Ahmed Ibrahim, delivered a keynote on the topic of agility and transformation. The mindset organisational leaders need to bring. He shared examples from the day of the Industrial Revolution to the current concepts of human capital development. Ahmed, as one of the co-founders of MAHRP, thank you for what you do every day to make the lives of others better.

Ira Sha, presented a case study of how Islanders Education Group brought a revolution in
digital learning through their schools and learning institutions. Joined with her Mauroofa, from Billabong High International School, shared their knowledge and transformation during the COVID19 school closure period. Irasha and Mauroofa, we appreciate your sharing and showing the community and us what’s possible.

Iyaz Waheed, brought his favourite topic; growth mindset and how organisations can drive growth mindset. His belief around having a growth mindset as an essential topic in all schools and institutions was well shared. Thank you, Iyaz, for being the community growth mindset advocate.

Mohamed Ashraf, brought us an excellent case study of how the nation’s leading bank, Bank of Maldives, created a learning culture, challenged the status quo, and brought a complete transformation to their organisational performance through a continuous learning process. Ashraf, you did a fantastic job of delivering the case study.

Aminath Adhala, shared the importance of living a life driven by values. She gave a significant closing remark; that we should be asking every day “How do we want others to remember us when we are gone?”. Adhala, your message was profound and relevant to every aspect in everyone lives.

Ahmed Nasir, brought a thought-provoking concept and approach, invited all training providers, organisations to join TVET in transformative learning into practical certifications and skill-based experiences through an apprenticeship program or set of work experience initiatives. Ahmed, your message was what we needed to hear. Thank you.

Mavis Ureke, joined us from South Africa, she poured us golden nuggets on building emotional resilience and critical elements that will help us to transform our lives. Mavis, your genuine sharing was a great inspiration to all participants.

LeeSh Wisam, Dewdrop Shaheena, Dr.Safeeya Mohammed, covered an important panel discussion on wellness, wellbeing, happiness and creating a culture of gratitude within an organisation. Global and local context best practices were shared. Leesh, Shahina, Safeeya, your panel discussion and sharing was what every organisation should implement post COVID19.

Kiruba Shankar, shared wisdom on building a professional brand image as speakers, L&D Professionals and opportunities available. The choices we have in using social platforms and how we can use it to our advantage was shown with practical examples. Kiruba, your message of encouragement to use social platforms wisely was a message our community needed to hear.

Zaki Easa, brought a world-class case study on how Crown and Champa Resorts, handled the COVID19 and used Learning and Development function to drive the strategy to handle the crisis and keep the teams engaged. Zaki, this was one of the key highlights of the conference.

Sara Ballinger, shared a practical approach to identify, develop and grow talents within our community. Sara, your love to the Maldives and our community and to see locals grow beyond their potential was something we always appreciate.

Ibrahim Inaz, driving a culture of learning and the role of operational managers and their engagement was shared. Inaz, your thought-provoking approach and encouragement to L&D Professionals to be operationally visible was a perfect message.

Hassan Shamaam, A champion of good HR practices, shared insights of how we can transform the traditional recruitment process to a value-driven one by challenging the status quo. Shamaam, participants loved your story of how you challenged the purchasing team to get tomatoes and the way you handled it by exploring and growing your own tomatoes.

Ahmed Saeid, shared a thoughtful approach to how cognitive apprenticeship can change organisational learning cultures and added-value advantages one can have. Saeid, your sense of humour and energy enlightened the conference.

Mel Francisco, incredible closing keynote of how mentoring can play a crucial role in growing and developing talents within any organisation. Imelda, your closing keynote made a difference to MAHRP’s Virtual L&D Conference.

I should share a moment of gratitude to MAHRP EXCO, Advisory Team too. Their guidance made this conference a success. Ali Adam, your thoughtful approach in creating our virtual studio, added so much value to our event.

I share this moment of gratitude to all speakers as a reminder; that we must celebrate and always be grateful for every success and learning.

In the race of excellence there is no finish line… stay tuned as MAHRP will bring the Maldives First International Speakers Convention In September 2020.
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Notification for MAHRP Annual General Meeting 2020 – VIRTUAL (Wednesday 29 July 2020)

Dear MAHRP Registered Members,

Notice: MAHRP ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2020 – VIRTUAL (Wednesday 29 July 2020)

MAHRP President and Executive Committee is delighted to invite all MAHRP Members for our next Annual General Meeting scheduled to take place on Wednesday 29 July from 20:30 – 22:00. This will be conducted via ZOOM. ZOOM Links will be shared with MAHRP Members a day before the event.

During this Annual General Meeting, the secretariat will facilitate the election of the new Executive Committee, sharing of MAHRP annual report and strategies for the next term. MAHRP executive committee is two years. Every Member of MAHRP is eligible to apply for an Executive Committee post. Executive Posts available are 01 President, 02 Vice Presidents, 01 General Secretary, 01 Treasurer and 05 Executive Committee Members.

Only MAHRP registered as of now are eligible to apply. New MAHRP Membership will be open only from 1 August 2020.

Should you wish to apply for any posts; feel free to apply via below link; MAHRP AGM Secretariat will contact you with verification and update you before the event.

Application click here

Agenda of the AGM – Virtual – Wednesday 29 July 2020

20:15 Members in Attendance – Virtual Verification
20:30 Recitation of Holy Quran
20:32 Program Agenda and Overview by the Host of the Event
20:35 Speech by the current term President of MAHRP – Annual Report Highlights
20:45 AGM Secretariat Takes over to elect the New Term EXCO August 2020 – September 2022
20:55 Secretariat sharing the voting guidelines
20:58 Announcing of the candidates applied
21:00 Candidates – remarks before the vote – each candidate to get 1 – 2 minutes to share with the audience their motivation to become a part of MAHRP EXCO
21:10 Voting and announcement of the new EXCO
21:30 Closing remarks from the Secretariat
21:45 New EXCO and Presidents remarks
22:00 End of the Event

We look forward to having you at the MAHRP AGM 2020; Thank you for your support and contribution to grow and lead.

Sent on behalf of the President and AGM Secretariat

Thank You

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HR Perspective Conversation by MAHRP SEGMENT 04, Hon Faisal Naseem. Vice President of the Maldives.

MAHRP had the pleasure of hosting Vice President Faisal Naseem, for MAHRP’s HR Perspective Share Conversation. This was a special segment.
During this segment VP, Faisal presented his views and key guidance point;
– We must work together, all stakeholders, NGOs and interest groups to ensure the localisation emphasis is strategies and move it forward with the intention to take action and guide everyone accordingly.
– Concentration, Focus, Working together, see the role of others and their work is valuable are some key elements to set and live with success.
– Make a habit to sleep early and wake up early; in general, be a 5am Club Member. This will ensure a healthy and successful lifestyle.
– Study and keep learning always, with every new position, a new mindset is required, so we must invest in ourselves.
– Don’t wait to lead, take the opportunities and be the first to show to serve.


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HR Perspective Conversations by MAHRP Segment 03, Fathimath Shazleen, Resort Manager, Soneva Jani.

MAHRP Team had the pleasure to speak with Shaaz – Resort Manager of Soneva Jani Fathimath Shaazleen as our guest speaker for the HR Perspective Share by MAHRP – Segment 03; She highlighted key points as:
– Hard work, determination and working for what she wanted are some factors that contributed to her role and where she is today.
– She believed coaching and mentoring is a key area we all need to enforce and make it as a part of your growth journey
– – Find what works for you and then work around it.
When you finish school, do not just stay at home, do something and take chances
– The more changes and opportunities you take on, the more growth will come your way
– Invest in your own growth, don’t wait or count on others to take responsibility for you, you have to do it and your growth is all about what you do intentionally.

Thank you, Shaaz, for your support to MAHRP Programs and sharing your story.

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Work from home; the simplest way to occupy yourself and get the job done while you are stuck during lockdown:

It is exactly on this day in the month of April I received a call from my boss, “Hi Shippey, need you to work on some stuff while at home, can?”.

I responded, “Yes can, why not.” It has been three months since that day. I have learned few things while working from home.

Have a morning routine
I am someone who already has a morning routine of waking up at 5.30am, so that makes easier to start my day. From day one, I decided even if do not have any work I will wake up, get dressed and sit in the chair with a coffee to start my day.

Have a free dedicated space to work
At first I had a small table but it caused back pain since it was set low. So I got a proper table and chair for myself. I kept this place as neat as I could, same as my office desk; Space for a note book, coffee mug, pen, phone and that’s it.

Have scheduled working hours
I start each day by looking at my task list. Having a schedule for work hours saves my time, I had a clear idea of when I will be available for my team members’/managers’ questions and queries. This allowed me to have a balanced work and personal life and made me productive. I was able to finish my tasks, do online trainings and workout as well.

Schedule your break
When I am at the resort, I normally take a 30-minute coffee break in the morning and an hour for lunch break in the afternoon. I tried to maintain this routine even at home. The breaks uplift me and give me energy and I was able to manage work stress even in a different work environment.

Follow your calendar
I tried my best to make myself available to scheduled meetings, webinars and calls. Even if I do not have any office calls I find some webinars or training opportunities. This connects my mind with different people and mindsets, helping me to focus. Meanwhile, my learning curve has evolved to its best in terms of timings.

Have a positive mindset
I set my mind to this statement as if I am in a race to win. I target to close my day by putting a tick on each of my tasks. I target to read news daily to see what’s happening outside. I target to stay in touch with family and friends. I target myself to learn something new. This helps me to focus on the positivity and give me extra energy to stay positive and to spread positive energy over phone calls and most importantly to the team members who I meet at my home island.

Have an open communication line
I tried my best to keep my superiors posted on how I am completing my tasks. I do not simply send emails and wait for the response, rather I take my phone and ring the person to repeat the same thing which I mentioned on my email. This helps me to connect myself with people. Meanwhile, I also kept my WhatsApp and email cleared within the day. This motivates me during the day.

Spend time with family
Right after my work I go out to visit my family, have a bike round. This fills me with happiness of staying at home with loved ones. Even if I have unfinished work I feel like, “Yes, the day was productive”. I tried my best to keep the social distancing and follow the guidelines, knowing that soon when I am back to my real work place I have to follow certain rules.

Revisit your day before bed
Have 20 to 30 minutes before you sleep to review and revisit your day. This helps me to prioritise my tasks for tomorrow. This will give the happiness of “Yes, the day was productive” once again. Working from home is entirely new to me but I managed to complete my work and attend to some urgent tasks which I planned to finish after COVID-19, before returning to my office.

Working from home saves time and helps in managing time well. Working from home kept me connected to family, loved ones and let the day flow. Working from home helps to occupy yourself and organise yourself to be better as well. For sure when I return back to work, I will have so much to take and practice from this time.

About the Author:

Hassan Shifaau (Shippe);
Is Manager of People & Culture at Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas. he is a keen learner who believes in success through hard work. Able to work independently and as a team under pressure to achieve goals. He writes his experience and share his thoughts on many platforms. This article was originally posted on his linkdin page.

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HR Perspective Conversations by MAHRP, Solah Mohamed, General Manager, Komandoo Island Resort

HR Perspective Events by MAHRP is a series of conversation hosted in partnership various Industry Leaders and Professionals.

Our objective through these sessions is to cover key aspects of human capital spectrums, generate conversations that inspire youths to take on various responsibility and overall help them to lead a better future through various learning sessions.

Second Segment Speaker is Mohamed – General Manager, Komandoo Island Resort. He shared below Tips:

  • You have to start somewhere to get going; For school leavers, do not wait, do something, whether its an apprenticeship program or online learning
  • You need to develop a mindset with the right attitude regardless of the circumstances.
  • Every new position will require a new version of you; You must be ready so get those opportunities; When the opportunities arise, you do not have the time to prepare. Now is the time!.
  • Do not give up! things will come and it will bring you down; however, take your time and take the lead.
  • Don’t be the victim of the challenges that life brings to you; Rather stand up for it!

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HR Perspective Conversations by MAHRP, Ibrahim Inaz – CEO, Jobsicle

HR Perspective Events by MAHRP is a series of conversation hosted in partnership various Industry Leaders and Professionals.
Our objective through these sessions is to cover key aspects of human capital spectrums, generate conversations that inspire youths to take on various responsibility and overall help them to lead a better future through various learning sessions.

Our first segment Speaker was Inaz – CEO of Jobsicle and former Resort Manager of SAii Lagoon. He spoke about key areas such as employability skills and what one can do to build their career.

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Maldives Association of Human Resource Professionals (MAHRP) has opened registration for the first ever virtual learning and development conference in Maldives.

Set to take place on July 11 and 12, the virtual learning and development conference will be themed as, “Creating a Value-Driven Learning Culture”. It will feature speakers from the Maldives, India, Trinidad and Tobago and Singapore.

MAHRP hosted the first ever learning and development conference in Maldives last year. It focused on finding smart, creative strategies and techniques to meet the current demand and needs of learning and development, to address today’s challenges and to handle the future workforce.

“This was supposed to be the second MAHRP L&D Conference, but due to the current situation we have decided to make it a 100 per cent virtual event, where expert speakers will deliver keynotes, case studies and panel discussions specifically focusing on HR Leadership and Challenges in creating a learning culture,” MAHRP President Hussain Afeef, who also serves as the Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance at LUX* Resorts, said.

“This will be an event free of charge, and a golden opportunity for all L&D professionals and industry members.”

Since the coronavirus lockdown, MAHRP has conducted eight virtual learning experiences covering topics ranging from HR challenges in force majeure, emotional intelligence, workplace wellness and mental wellbeing, post-pandemic HR leadership requirements, and techniques to follow and engage teams when working from home.

MAHRP is the first professional association registered in the Maldives, dedicated to human resources and people development.

The association’s mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most current and comprehensive resources, and to advance the profession by promoting HR’s essential values, setting professional standards and providing the know-how. It is committed to linking and connecting HR professionals and practitioners locally and oversees through signature events and membership activities.

As part of its aim to develop human resources, MAHRP regularly hosts knowledge share events.

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MAHRP signed an MoU to become endorsing partner of The My Entry to Hospitality Programme by Jobsicle.

Maldives Association of Human Resources Professionals (MAHRP) has signed an MoU to become endorsing partner of The My Entry to Hospitality programme by Jobsicle. With this MoU, MAHRP will actively promote virtual training programme to attract Maldivian Youth to Tourism Industry. Moreover, Jobsicle will get opportunity to use MAHRP virtual studio setup to conduct classes in Male’.

Online skills matching startup Jobsicle is a free virtual training programme for those interested in a career in the Maldives lucrative tourism industry. The programme consists of 22 modules that will be facilitated by 21 professionals from across the Maldives.

The programme is engineered with an interactive questionnaire to test the understanding levels of the participants at the end of each module.

Screen view timings will be tracked to ensure participants meet the attendance requirements for the completion of the programme.

Participants that successfully complete the three-month programme will be awarded an industry-recognised certification.

“Jobsicle is working as a supportive platform for all employees and employers of all the industries including the tourism sector,” a statement read.

“As part of its vision to develop support service, Jobsicle has reached key available industry stakeholders, NGOs, GMs, and Facilitators to build a training programme that is free, convenient, and user friendly for those who seek their entry to Maldives tourism sector.”

Jobsicle is accepting applications from individuals as well as institutions — resorts, hotels, guesthouses and companies — for the first batch (limited seats). Interested parties can enrol via the Jobsicle website.

“… depending on the demand, we aim to conduct more sessions to assist Maldivians for build their career at Maldives tourism industry,” the statement read.

The Maldives’ tourism industry has greatly expanded over the past 47 years, becoming the country’s main economic activity and the biggest employer.

Over the past few years, dozens of uninhabited islands have been leased to local and foreign resort developers. Several international brands have entered into the market, increasing the number of resorts to 150 plus. That number is set to increase in the coming years.

Along with the new resort openings come the challenge of increasing demand from budget travellers who choose guesthouses over luxury resorts that the Maldives is known for. The guesthouse sector has rapidly expanded with over 450 guesthouses in operation today.

With the expansion comes the need to train locals for a range of new jobs that are expected to open up.

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Message from MAHRP

Dear All MAHRP Members and HR Professionals within our network!

Greetings from MAHRP EXCO!

We hope everyone is doing well and in good spirit. At this moment of time what we are going through is something that many of us have not experienced or seen in recent history. The last time the world has seen a pandemic was in 1918. COVID-19 is bringing new challenges which will last for months and in some cases for years.

As HR professionals, it is absolutely important to stay strong and lead the teams that we manage. This won’t be an easy task. To get through this pandemic from all aspects we need a different level of thinking and mindset. In this special message to all MAHRP Members we would like to share few tips on what that mindset is all about:

1. Be Energetic; Your colleagues are looking at you for answers and you are their hope. Therefore come to work with energy and enthusiasm. We will get through this.
2. Be Transparent; Keep your team informed about various measures you will be taking from financial stress and business continuity plan, Make sure your team gets it from you or your team directly before they hear it from a newspaper or an internal memo shared by someone else.
3. Encourage and Remind: Encourage your teams to stay alert and be aware of the information shared by the local authorities and national level preventive measures. Reminder your Team to follow those instructions diligently.
4. Be Available: Your team may ask the same question from you over and over again. Or different colleagues may ask the same question. During this time your team needs you more than ever. Be available for them at all times and be compassionate in your response.
5. Be The HOPE: There is a lot of uncertainty around the spread of COVID-19 and its direct impact on all types of businesses. HR Professionals can lead by being the hope for everyone and encouraging them to stay on course. There is no doubt times ahead will be tough. However, if we persevere we will get through this.

MAHRP EXCO and Team wishes you well, stay strong, lead and be the hope of everyone in your team and organisation.

We will get through this and come out even stronger.

Sincerely always
President – MAHRP

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