Navigating The Crisis – It is a Choice We have!
MAHRP, is delighted to bring its second Webinar – titled as Navigating the Crisis – It is the Choice We have! This webinar will be hosted by MAHRP and our guest speaker is Robin Banks – One of the Worlds leading thinker on the topic of MIND POWER and Intentional Success.
COVID19 has paralyzed all most all busniess around the world and it has brought the leadership and teams to their knees. The drop in business levels, demand shock, financial stress is something we have never seen since 1918. OUr personal strength and preserve to get through will decide how we will rise from this crisis.
We have a choice to navigate through this; in this Webinar, Robin Banks will guide us on the mindset we need to live, intentional decisions we need to make, optimistic thinking and how to think thoroughly, leadership and personal strengths to drive the current and future needs of our people following COVID19 crisis.