COVID19 pandemic does not discriminate when it comes to the level of anxiety and uncertainty that it has been creating since it emerged in late 2019 over in China. Across the world, many have lost their lives, while many are in shock regarding the devastating impact that the pandemic has brought over to their lives. A significant number of people has lost their sources of income, many are in lockdown situation with the future being unpredictable when it comes to both economic and also social adjustments. Numerous vulnerable groups have been further disadvantaged due to lack of proper measures and services.
Despite the hardship, kindness has also emerged. Quite a lot of people are adjusting to the new normal, finding gratitude and positivity despite the adversities.
Major themes of the Panel
– Mental Health challenges faced due to COVID19 Pandemic
– Adopting a coping mindset
– Practising gratitude despite the difficulties

Monday 8 June, 2020 – 14:00 – 15:00
Via Zoom

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