MAHRP are proud to present the first Virtual Session of the Year
Sara Ballinger of Blooming Talent talks about
The Power of Purpose!
Saturday 15th January 2021
2pm Male time
What better time than the start of the new year to think about how you are going to write your own story on the 365 pages of days you have in the year ahead.
What are the gifts you were born with? How do you identify what you are best at and enjoy doing the most? How can you harness that power in your professional life to be the best version of yourself? What could that mean to your life and your feelings of fulfilment & happiness?
In this webinar we start thinking about our purpose, identify our gifts and learn a strategy for identifying our own North Star – your guiding light.
In this complimentary webinar brought to you by MAHRP and Sara Ballinger of Blooming Talent, you will …
❊ Explore what we mean by ‘Purpose’.
❊ Learn techniques that will help you to identify your inborn gifts and how to harness them.
❊ Understand how to use your power of purpose to enhance your professional journey.
We will also be sharing exciting news about what is coming up next for MAHRP and how you can benefit from membership.
All you need is an hour, WIFI connectivity and a device, we do the rest.
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