MAHRP Members

Welcome to MAHRP Members section. Our primary asset is our Members. MAHRP is committed to add value, develop and share opportunities with all registered MAHRP Members. As a MAHRP Member, you will have the chance to attend various events organised by MAHRP and its associated partners. MAHRP will also provide its members with the right opportunity to learn from the industry experts relating to different Human Resource field or general areas which can be beneficial to all members and beautiful networking moments. We are in the process of developing multiple membership levels, and it will be revealed over the next few months.

Unlock Exclusive Resources, Networking Opportunities,
and Professional Development.

  • Discount on trainings organized by MAHRP
  • Access to MAHRP Online Resources Library
  • Keep up to date on Legal Changes & HR related cases
  • Ask questions and discuss the pressing HR Issues
  • Frequent Networking Sessions
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How to become a MAHRP Member?

MAHRP Membership is primarily open to anyone who serves and work in the field of Human Resources. In today’s world we are all responsible in looking after people; therefore anyone who is interested in learning Human Resources, serve in the field of Human Resources, want’s to connect with HR professionals are most welcome to join our association.