Su is the Founder and Director of HR Training and Consulting Ltd. She started her career in 1988 with one of the biggest retailers in the UK, and after 27 successful years she took a redundancy package in 2016.

She decided to take her experience and share it with a wider audience, this led to creating a company to transform HR in SMEs, training and empowering HR professionals globally to provide a world class, human approach to the profession.

Su was part of their HR team for over 20 years.

She is passionate about people development and has made it her personal mission to support SMEs as they very rarely have access to the right information. They often get caught out because they simply do not know what they do not know!

Su also understands that working in HR can be quite challenging.

Finding the right balance between what the business needs and doing the right thing for employees is no easy task for a HR professional, often creating and environment of overwhelm and poor decisions.

Su is the author of “Putting TheHuman Back Into HR”, a self-help guide for HR professionals and has spoken on various platforms on the subject of people development and leadership.

Hertraining and coaching programmes are designed to focus on the practical and people-focused reality of working in HR on a daily basis; so that HR professionals can develop a rounded and well-regarded function to partner their business.

“As leaders we have a duty of care to our employees, to help them develop and achieve their personal goals. If we want to keep great talent, we must become servant leaders – which means we must listen to them and pro-actively help them grow.
There is nothing complicated about people management, after all we are all, just people. Once we understand what’s important for each other we can serve each other better.”  Su Patel