Adam Yearsley leads Red Bull’s Global Talent Management function, responsible for how Red Bull attracts, develops and retains people while supporting an environment where they can pursue their potential. Adam believes in taking an evidence based approach to developing a company culture of autonomy, responsibility, entrepreneurialism and meaning at work. This is done by creating tools and programs that fit the company’s environment and that are valued and adopted because they work.

Throughout his career in I/O Psychology, HR and Talent Management, Adam has been recognised for his work developing innovative tools, approaches and programs in books, conferences, awards, scientific publications and patents. Articles have been published in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company magazine and the most widely used textbook on leadership .

Recent examples from Adam and his team include with individually styled position descriptions, a free candidate and consumer-facing psychological assessment, an employee driven performance processes, a ‘bottom-up’ action focused employee engagement cycle, an approach to succession that focuses on preparation and growth versus planning and a decentralized approach to learning and career growth that accelerates millennial’s. Adams experience spans the space industry, financial services, tech and FMCG. He is both Australian and English and has lived and worked in Asia, Australia, Europe and spent a great deal of time working from the U.S.

Specialities: Demonstrated success in using lean resources and creative solutions to effectively impact a company’s talent in the areas of: Organization development, employer branding, selecting, psychometrics, on-boarding, training, developing, retaining, rewarding, promoting, mobilising, structuring, merging & acquiring, engaging employees and human resources.